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Read the paragraphs. Replace the underlined words with the correct pronouns.

Ashley is getting a new bike. The bike is the first new bike for Ashley in four years. Mom pretended not to listen to Ashley when Ashley asked for a new bike. Mom knew that a bike would make a great birthday present.

Mom and I went to pick out the bike. Mom and I looked at all of the
bikes. Mr. Brown, the store manager, told Mom and me that orange is a popular color. Mom and I decided that Ashley would like an orange bike.

Mom paid Mr. Brown for the orange bike. Mr. Brown carried the orange bike to the car. Now all Mom and I have to do is wait for Ashley’s birthday.

Ashley will be surprised!

Read the words in parentheses ( ). Copy the sentences in your notebook. Write the correct pronoun in each sentence.

1. (Nathan and Julia) are in Washington, D.C.
2. (You an I) would like to be there, too.
3. (Washington D.C.) is an exciting city with many beautiful monuments.
4. (You and your Friends) can decide what you want to see in our nation’s capital.
5. It can be dangerous for (the players) to run on wet grass.
6. The coach has an idea for (you and me).

Complete with the possessive pronouns (his, theirs, your...) 

2. Dad heard at ..... gym that it will be a huge store.
3. The store has a sign with ..... opening date.
4. The construction workers start ..... day very early.
5. You can hear ...... heart if you put your hand on .... chest.
6. My brother complains that the noise is loudest in ..... room.
7. I tell him to turn up ...... stereo.
8. My sister wears ...... earmuffs around the house.
9. My dad wears ......earplugs from work.
10.I just go to stay with ....... friend.

Write the correct possessive pronoun (mine, his, hers, ours...) for the underlined noun.

1. Do you know which suitcase is........ ?
2. My bag is purple, but I don’t see ...... .
3. Trisha says ........ is missing.
4. We think it’s a bad way for this trip of........ to start!
5. There is Percy’s suitcase, so he has .......
6. Ramon is relieved to get ........ , too.
7. We’re missing our things, but at least they have ....... .
8. We can borrow clean clothes from them until we get ........ .
9. Myrtle and I are the same size, so I can wear ....... .
10. Who knows when I will get ......... 

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