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1. What was Simon's website about?
2. How long was the shark?
3. Who was Jane Sinclair?
4. How did the biologists know the shark so far?
5. Where did the shark live usually?
6. Why was Simon's school a little special?
7. Write three adjectives that you think they describe Simon best...
8. Simon's heart pounded when suddenly the shark came out of the pool. Again, write three synonym adjectives that describe best how he felt in that very moment...
9. We know the shark was big. Write three more synonym adjectives for best describing it...
10. Sequence the main events that happened in the story. Read the beginning of each paragraph, then complete it with a two/three describing lines:

Simon lived____________________________ 
One day ______________________________ 
Then _________________________________ 
After that ______________________________
At last ________________________________ 
Finally ________________________________ 

1. How did the lion feel about the mouse at the beginning of the story?
2. How did he feel about the mouse at the end of the story?
3. What happened to change the lion’s feelings?
4. What lesson did the lion learn?
5. Number the following events in the order in which they occurred in the story.

(Place an X in front of any event that did not happen.)

____ The mouse hears the lion roar.
____ The lion lies down in the shade to take a nap.
____ The lion catches the mouse.
____ The mouse chews the ropes.
____ The lion pulls free of the net.
____ The hunters run after the lion.
____ The mouse wakes the lion.
____ The lion gets caught in a trap.
____ The mouse makes a promise to the lion.

6. Choose the word or sentence that best replaces the underlined bold word or words.

a. Another word that means about the same thing as mighty is ...
strong     powerful      mean

b. Some people snore when they sleep.

dream      talk     breathe loudly

c. The lion was amused by the mouse’s promise. He thought it was...
funny     scary     rude

d. A snare is a kind of...

bird      boat      trap

e. The enormous stack of dirty dishes made me groan.

large      small     huge

f. The lion was frustrated because he could not break free from the trap.

fighting for having success   
ready to stop 

7. Think of a time when a friend has helped you. Write a short paragraph telling what happened and how you felt about it.

“When I hear the Brazilian National Anthem, I feel I am in a dream. I try to concentrate on how I will play but I keep on thinking: How is it possible that I am here, in the Brazilian team, in Sweden, about to play for my country? It has to be a dream …!”

This is Pele at 17, playing his first game in the 1962 World Cup soccer finals. Who is this boy? How did he get to the World Cup? How does he feel about football, the game that made him famous?

Pele lived in a small town in Brazil. His family was very poor. Pele was the kind of boy who was playing football when he was supposed to be at school. He was lucky because his father was also a football player and taught him that smoking and drinking weren’t good neither for him nor for his health.

Pele says, “Brazilians are crazy about soccer. They learn to kick as soon as they stand. Walking comes later.”

He started his first soccer club, The Shoeless Ones, at the age of 10. He was so good. 

At 14 he played for a local athletic club. At this time he was not doing well at school. He was too interested in playing soccer. He had failed one year. He left school at 14 and started working in a shoe factory. When he was much older he felt uneasy about leaving school. He went back to school and then went to university after he got married and had a child.

At 15, he went to play soccer for a famous team called Santos. Two years later he played for Brazil at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. He scored ten goals at the championship, which Brazil won.
After that he played in many more matches and scored more than 1 300 goals.

Why was Pele so successful? There are many reasons. First, he loved soccer. Secondly, he was smart about the way he played the game, and, finally, he didn’t play only for himself, he played for the team.

Pele was not only a great soccer player. He also worked hard for the rights of soccer players. He made sure that when they were sick or hurt they still got paid.

1. Find in the text a synonym for these words:

well known, involved, finals, victorious, focus

2. Answer the questions:

  • How did Pele feel when he played his first match for his country?
  • Pele believed in keeping healthy. How do you know this?
  • Pele went back to school when he was married. Do you think this was easy or hard for him? Explain why.
  • How did Pele feel when he played his first match for his country?
  • Who is speaking in the first paragraph?
  • Do you think Pele was proud to play for Brazil? How do you know this?

3. Make the sentences below negative.

  • The referee blew the whistle.
  • They become sad and jealous.
  • The spectators scream and yell.
  • Some players run very quickly.

4. Change the sentences below from now to then, and write the new sentence.

Pele lives in a small town in Brazil.
Pele lived in a small town in Brazil.

Why is Pele so successful?
He starts a soccer club.
He leaves school to play soccer.
He helps many soccer players.
Pele is a great soccer player.

5. Pele says, “Brazilians are crazy about soccer. They learn to kick as soon as they stand. Walking comes later.”

Explain this briefly in your words.

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It is very beautifull the story of Pele...I like a lot!!

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Pele Was the Best futboll player in the story

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the history of the sunflowers is very beutifull

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David,we must study this:
The roots absorb water and minerals from the soil.
2.Xylem cells transport this mixture of water and minerals, called raw sap, through the stem to the leaves.
3.Leaves absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) through their stomata. In certain parts of plant cells called chloroplasts, chlorophyll collects solar energy to transform water, minerals and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen (O2).
4.Phloem cells carry the glucose, the plants’ food, through the stem to all the parts of the plant


*Animals (humans) release carbon dioxide when they breathe out
*The plant takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for photosyntesis
*The sun gives plant energy it needs for the photosyntesis process
*Water gives the plant energy it needs for photosyntesis
*Ones photosyntesis is complete the plant releases

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