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Summer Work

Dialogue: Picnic preparations 
Story: spending money 
Conversation: World Cup Soccer 
Conversation: Vacation Plans 
Conversation: Breakfast Recipes 
Interview: Saving the Earth 

AUDIO STORY: Katie cancels the school rules 
AUDIO STORY: The first voyage of Simbad 
AUDIO STORY: The second voyage of Simbad 
AUDIO STORY: The third voyage of Simbad 
AUDIO STORY: Rapunzel 
AUDIO STORY: Robin Hood 
AUDIO STORY: Woody Woodpecker and his talent show 
AUDIO STORY: The shoemaker and the Elves 
AUDIO STORY: The Emperor's New Clothes 

AUDIO BOOK: Rockfords Rock Opera 
AUDIO BOOK: Spike in the city (Read by Author and Illustrator, Paulette Bogan)
AUDIO BOOK: Julie Black Belt, the Kung Fu chronicles 
AUDIO BOOK: The Monster Isle, (Read by Author, Oliver Chin) 
AUDIO BOOK: Nobody likes a caterpillar in their tea (Read by Illustrator, Ivy McLeod) 

7 comentarios:

David Sebastián said...

Hi everybody! First off, Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay on posting the Activities Worksheet. There were some unavoidable problems with the old Mediafire server so I had to leave it off. Now the link works so you can download and print the exercises freely and safe. See you all back soon.

Unknown said...

We have to made only activities workseet or also the activities into the book? Thanks

Covadonga Monge said...

Hi. Happy New Year.
One question. We have to made only the Activities Worksheet or also the activities into de book? Thanks.

David Sebastián said...

Nice to read from you again, Cova. The answer is YES, you must do that worksheet only although the exercises are taken right from the novel. Enjoy the last holiday weekend!

David Sebastián said...

I see there is a little confusion about the task to do... Remember kids: only the worksheet must be done.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!So we have to do only the exercises that are down of the book ¿no?Thanks...

David Sebastián said...

Hello there and happy new year!

I've been out for a week, I'm so sorry for the delay in answer you back. The exercises to be done are the one up this very same blog page (Christmas Work), NOT THE ONES THERE ARE IN THE BOOK. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation. See you back soon!